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*Field Assistant needed for Anolis Research in Fort Pierce, FL*
> We are looking for a field assistant to help us conduct behavioural
> research on Anolis sagreion small dredge-spoil islands near Ft. Pierce,FL,
> from April 22 to May 21.Daily activities include searching for and
> observing marked lizards as well as collecting habitat data. We will
> work long hours on most days (beginning 7-8am). Applicants should be
> prepared for hot and humid work conditions as well as travel on a small
> boat. Applicants must be comfortable handling lizards and using binoculars
> and should be adaptable to changing plans. All expenses (airfare, food,
> lodging) will be covered and a stipend will be provided.
> If interested, please contact AmbikaKamath: ambikamath@gmail.com and Nick
> Herrmann:nicholas.carl.herrmann@gmail.com with a brief letter describing
> why you are interested in this position and any relevant research
> experience along with your CV and the names and contact information of
> a professional reference whom we may contact by email. We will review
> applications as they arrive until the position is filled.