Month: September 2022

PhD program (Chile)

(message to Schultz lab forwarded to the department with Seb’s permission)

Hi everyone,

I’m Seb. Some of you don’t know me yet, but you will this fall. I’m writing to those of you who are thinking about doing a PhD to evaluate the possibility of doing a PhD here in Chile.

I attach the information (ES) of the PhD of my university, but clearly there is a wide offer all over the country. Chile is the safest country to live in, the most scientifically developed in LATAM and has several universities among the TOP 100 in LATAM. One of them is Andres Bello University. TOP 3 in Chilean ranking and TOP 30 in LATAM.

Chile, like the rest of South America, is absolutely beautiful. It has unique landscapes. As it is a large country, it is a natural laboratory to study all ecosystems, from the desert to the Antarctic, passing through Mediterranean valleys (those who drink wine know what I mean), rainforests and glaciers. In the ocean, we have extremely productive systems, and even for those who like reef ecology, there is Easter Island.

Almost all programs are taught in English. In the case of Universidad Andres Bello, for all graduate students who do not speak Spanish, the University offers a free Spanish course, so that they can communicate in their day-to-day life. The attached program is taught in English, so do not be afraid in that respect.

Feel free to ask me about any questions, scholarships or other things. Even if you are interested in another university.