In the last 10 years our graduate students have held 25 NSF, 2 Fulbright, 3 Switzer, 1 NASA and 2 EPA Star fellowships, and have earned 69 awards from professional societies, including 16 for best presentation. Over 90 % of our Ph.D. graduates now hold academic or government positions.

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, the faculty of EEB have established a fund to promote excellence in research by our outstanding graduate students. You can contribute to this effort by donating to:

31427 EEB Graduate Student Research Endowment

It is easy to give! Go to the secure online giving site at The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc. Check the box for “Other gift designation not listed above” and in the “Gift Designation” box, and enter the number and name of the EEB Endowment of your choice. Or you may write a check payable to the “University of Connecticut Foundation.” You may send your contribution directly to the Foundation at 2390 Alumni Drive, U-3206, Storrs, CT 06269-3206 or to the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at 75 No. Eagleville Road, U-3043, Storrs, CT 06269-3043. Attention: Pat Anderson. To ensure your donation is applied to the correct account, please indicate the account number or name in the memo line on your check. We appreciate your support!

Other EEB Endowed Accounts

To give to any of the accounts below, go to the University of Connecticut Foundation give online page and type the account number (in boldface below) into the box labeled “Search Funds”.

  • 30839 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • 30976 Biodiversity Research Collections
  • 30988 Center for Conservation and Biodiversity
  • 31279 Carl Schaefer (student publication costs)
  • 31333 Betty Foster Feingold (Algae & lichen research)
  • 30244 Francis R. Trainor (Aquatic Ecology)
  • 30126 Ronald Bamford (Botany)
  • 30269 Henry N. Andrews (Botany)
  • 31427  EEB Graduate Student Research
  • 31432 Rednalis Endowment (Plant Ecology)
  • 30587 James A. Slater (Entomology)
  • 30922 Russell & Betty DeCoursey (Entomology)
  • 30932 Walter R. Whitworth (Fishes)
  • 30930 John Rankin, Jr. (Marine Sciences)
  • 30926 George Clark, Jr. (Ornithology)
  • 30829 Jerauld Manter (Ornithology)
  • 30240 Judith Humphry Shaw (Parasitology)
  • 30115 Lawrence R. Penner (Parasitology & Invertebrate Zoology)
  • 30076 Ralph M. Wetzel (Vertebrate Biology)
  • 30387 Rettenmeyer Ant Guest

    Other EEB Funds

    • 21430 EEB Operating fund
    • 22437 Katie Bu Memorial
    • 22530 Greg and Mona Anderson EEB Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award
    • 22873 Mehrhoff Ph.D. Conservation & Biodiversity