Graduate position: UPittsburgh.EvolutionEcol

PhD opportunity in Ecology, Evolution, or Evolutionary Ecology

The Turcotte Lab of Evolutionary Community Ecology at the University of
Pittsburgh is looking for a PhD student interested in ecology, evolution,
or evolutionary-ecology. The lab tests the dynamic interplay between
rapid evolution and community ecology in both lab and field settings.
Many topics can be pursued including but not limited to how plastic
and rapid evolutionary changes impact species coexistence and the
eco-evolutionary responses of communities to environmental change. We
address such topics using various plant and insect study systems and
apply methods such as experimental evolution, community manipulations,
modeling, and genetic analyses.

Please visit the lab webpage for more information:

The Department of Biological Sciences is a dynamic and growing team of
enthusiastic researchers and educators. Within the last 2 years we have
hired 6 new assistant professors in ecology or evolution! The department
also runs the Pymatuning Lab of Ecology, which is equipped with lab
space and housing to facilitate field-based research in northwestern
Pennsylvania. The City of Pittsburgh is a vibrant and beautiful place
to live. It is often voted the ?Most Livable city in the U.S.?. All
graduate students in the department are provided with a competitive
stipend and benefits for 5 years through a combination of fellowships,
TAships, and research assistantships. Although funding from the lab
itself is available, I expect all prospective students to apply for
external funding.

Prospective students should email me with a few short
paragraphs stating why you are interested in the lab and describe your
past research experience. Please include your C.V., any publications,
and contact information for a few references.

Martin Turcotte, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

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