PhD or MS positions in plant-insect interactions and quantitative/theoretical ecology

Subject: PhD or MS positions in plant-insect interactions and quantitative/theoretical ecology

The Underwood and Inouye labs in the Ecology and Evolution group at Florida State University are seeking graduate students for Fall 2019.  Research in our joint lab focuses on using plants, insects, and their interactions to explore the spatial and temporal dynamics and evolution of populations and communities. We work in both natural and agricultural systems, using experiments, natural history, and mathematical models to address a wide range of questions.

Students in the lab may develop independent dissertation research relating to one of our two currently funded projects: “Measuring and modeling the ecological consequences of associational effects (NSF)” and “The RMBL Phenology Project: Drivers and consequences of phenological change at high altitudes” (NSF), or can develop research entirely independent of our projects. We support all students in our group in developing their own research programs, and our students have worked on topics as diverse as the evolution of plasticity in plant defense, effects of herbivores on plant competition, demographic consequences of group size in insects, effects of nitrogen deposition on plant/insect mutualism and effects of prior experience on insect response to host plants at multiple spatial scales.
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Preferred qualifications include prior research experience, quantitative skills or interest in learning them, the ability to work independently and to mentor developing researchers, and strong written communication abilities. The position will be funded through teaching assistantships (guaranteed for 5 years assuming good progress) supplemented with research assistantships through our funded projects.  Students will be supported in all aspects of professional development in addition to research including learning to apply for funding, developing teaching and outreach skills and making contacts with additional mentors appropriate for their preferred career path inside or outside of academia.

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We strongly encourage applications from students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Interested applicants should email i) a cover letter describing research interests and goals for graduate school and ii) a CV including names and contact details of two references to Nora Underwood or Brian Inouye before submitting an official application. This will allow time to discuss your research interests and fit with the group before the priority application date of December 1st for applications to the FSU graduate program.  Feel free to also contact us with questions at any time.