Graduate position: GeorgiaSouthernU.InsectEvolution

The Gibson lab in the Department of Biology at Georgia Southern University
in Statesboro, GA invites applications for a Master?s Degree in insect
evolutionary genetics to begin Spring 2019. The research focus of the
lab is on the genetic/genomic basis of traits in social and solitary
Hymenopteran insects. Current projects/systems in the lab include:

1) speciation and physiology in Nasonia parasitoid wasps

(2) the genetic basis of aggression in honey bees (Apis mellifera)

3) studies investigating genetics and chemical ecology of invasive
Argentine ants (Linepithema humile).

Students are welcome to join existing projects or to develop projects
within the scope of the lab. For more information, visit the Gibson Lab
website (

Student support is available through teaching and research
assistantships. In addition, there are competitive fellowships available
through the Department and the College of Science and Mathematics. The
application deadline for full consideration is October 1st, 2018.

Georgia Southern is a 27,000-student comprehensive
research university with three campuses in southeast Georgia
( The Department of Biology at the
Statesboro campus has many resources available to students, including a
new LEED certified research and teaching building, many possibilities for
collaboration with our >40 faculty, and facilities for insect rearing,
high throughput sequencing preparation, and microscopy.

Interested students should contact Dr. Josh Gibson at prior to applying to the program. Additional
information about the graduate program and the department can be found
in the links below.

Graduate Program
Department of Biology

Joshua D. Gibson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
P.O. Box 8042-1

Georgia Southern University

Statesboro, GA 30460

Office: (912) 478-7826

Joshua Gibson <>