Graduate position: Univ.Utah, Evolutionary Ecology

Ph.D. Research: Evolutionary Ecology of Host-Parasite Interactions, Clayton-Bush Lab, Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Utah

We are seeking 1-2 highly motivated Ph.D. students interested in the evolutionary ecology of host-parasite systems, including disease ecology. Projects in our lab focus on host specificity, speciation, co-speciation, competition, adaptive radiation, and reciprocal selective effects between parasites and hosts. We also conduct research on invasive parasites of Darwin=92s finches and Galapagos mockingbirds. Information concerning different projects in the lab can be found at:

Positions are likely to be available starting Fall Semester, 2018. Students in our lab are supported by a combination of fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Support is guaranteed for five years, contingent upon performance.

Our former PhD. students have strong track records achieving positions at academic institutions ranging from R1 universities to small colleges.

Please visit departmental information. Admission requirements and applications are available at

The application deadline for Fall Semester is January 3rd, 2018.

Inquiries are welcome via email to:
Dr. Sarah E. Bush (
Dr. Dale H. Clayton (