Ph.D. position in species interactions and invasion ecology (Prior lab @ Binghamton University SUNY)

Ph.D. student position in species interactions and invasion ecology. The Prior lab ( at Binghamton University (SUNY) works on questions related to the role of altered species interactions in driving invasions, the impacts of invasions, and on how to restore invaded ecosystems. The lab is seeking a Ph.D. student to work on projects related to any of these topics, but is particularly interested in a student who has interest in working on a project uncovering the role of role of tri-trophic interactions (host plants and parasitoids) in facilitating the success of an invasive insect. We work in an excellent, tractable study system in which we can make comparisons of species interactions between an invader=92s native and introduced ranges. We work out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW), spending time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and in Washington State.

The lab is seeking a highly-motivated student who is interested in global change ecology, species interactions, plant-insect interactions, experimental ecology, and importantly who is excited about asking ecological questions and conducting research in the field. Students with a BS or MS in Biology (or other relevant disciplines), with field experience, research experience, have experience with statistics, have proven writing and communication skills, and who are self-motivated and independent will be the most competitive. Other desirable qualifications include having additional skills such as experience with genetic techniques, nutrient and chemical analysis, GIS/spatial statistics, or plant and insect taxonomy.=20=20=20

The student will be based at Binghamton University (State University of New York), in Vestal, NY and if working on the project described above will travel to the PNW for fieldwork. BU also has a 600-

acre Nature Preserve and an Ecological Research Facility that provides excellent opportunities for research. The student will be in the Biological Sciences Department and be a part of the EEB (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior) group ( BU is located in the Southern Tier of NY and is one of the four major University Centers in the SUNY system.

If you are interested in the position, please email me a cover letter stating your research interests and highlighting your relevant skills, your CV, and GPA and GRE scores. Please put =93Graduate Assistantship=94 in the subject line of the email. Formal applications to the Graduate School are due on January 15th, but please contact me well in advance if you are interested (review of applications will begin immediately).