Wildlife Technician positions available (Aug-Dec)

Wildlife Technician positions available (Aug-Dec)Job Description:The Herpetology and Applied Conservation Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Marshall University is hiring up to six technicians to work on projects in North Carolina and South Carolina. Specifically, we are recruiting technicians to assist with the following projects: 

1)      Eastern diamondback rattlesnake monitoring (mark-recapture and radio telemetry) in South Carolina2)      Southern fox squirrel monitoring (mark-recapture and radio telemetry) in South Carolina3)      Camera trap surveys for herpetofauna and small mammals (includes mark-recapture of snakes and small mammals) in South Carolina4)      Eastern diamondback monitoring (mark-recapture only) and camera trap surveys in North Carolina. 

Field positions include VHF radio telemetry surveys of eastern diamondback rattlesnakes and southern fox squirrels. Telemetry-equipped rattlesnakes and squirrels will be radio located at least 4 times weekly. Rattlesnakes that are newly encountered during telemetry surveys will be captured and marked.Camera trap monitoring will require construction and maintenance of camera trap arrays, regular maintenance of cameras and digital images, screening of digital images, cover-board sampling for herpetofauna, and small mammal trapping. Technicians will be expected to capture snakes (non-venomous and venomous species) and turtles and to process captured individuals (measure, weigh, and give unique mark). Additionally, technicians will be expected to live-trap and mark small mammals. Captured snakes and mammals will be given passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags.Technicians are expected to work in hot, buggy conditions. Research must be conducted under strict safety protocols. Technicians that fail to adhere to safety protocols will be terminated from the position. All projects require lifting heavy objects and assisting with camera trap construction and maintenance under difficult field conditions. For the rattlesnake positions, applicants with venomous snake handling experience will be given preference; however, venomous snake handling experience is not required. Applicants that are skilled at identifying southeastern herpetofauna are preferred.Technicians will work with graduate students under the direction of Dr. Jayme Waldron (herp projects) or Dr. Shane Welch (mammal projects). All projects take place on Department of Defense installations, and applicants will be required to pass a background check prior to hiring. Technicians will be expected to use their personal vehicles for field work and will be reimbursed for on-site mileage @ $0.50/mile.Start date: ASAPEnd date: 2 December 2022Pay: $2,000/month ($15/hr @ 34 hours/week) plus housing (excluding utilities)Please send your resume and contact information for three references to Dr. Jayme Waldron (waldron3@marshall.edu) by 5 August 2022.