Seasonal Field Technician (Botany) position with USGS – Corvallis, OR

Subject: Seasonal Field Technician (Botany) position with USGS – Corvallis, OR

GG-404-5 Field Technicians   Salary: $17.85 per hour  Vacancy # SRFS-21-001

Duration of job: April 12, 2021 through approx. August 30, 2021

Type of appointment: Temporary – Fulltime, with possible periods of PT or Intermittent work.

Duty Station: Corvallis, OR.

Opens: 12/17/2020   Closes: 01/03/2021

We are seeking to hire four Field Technicians that will work on a project to investigate the long-term ecological impacts of fuel reduction treatments in the intermountain sagebrush steppe and western juniper woodlands.  Find out more about the project at ( Technicians will also work on a project looking at the efficacy of sagebrush restoration approaches & their success in creating functional sage-grouse habitat in post-fire landscapes.  Technician may work on several other USGS projects identifying strategies to control the dominance of cheatgrass & other weeds on Great Basin rangelands, restoring native species, & increasing biodiversity. Will be part of a five-person team working in the field together.  Crews will install monitoring transects in established long term subplots to collect botanical & fuel data & samples following established protocols.

DUTIES (specific): As a Biological Science Technician Field Assistant with the U.S. Geological Survey, some of your specific duties will include:

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢  Identify grasses, forbs, and shrubs to species (up to 250 different species)

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢  Monitor native grasses, forbs, and shrub germination and density

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢  Perform various vegetation cover and fuel load sampling protocols

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢  Operates 4-wheel drive vehicles on poor and sometime muddy roads

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢  Accurately record and enter data

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Field work will take place throughout eastern OR including Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, eastern WA, northern CA, southwestern ID, northern NV, and lab/computer work will be done in Corvallis, OR.  Work is performed in a lab and field environment. Field work involves moderate or sometimes extreme exposure to the discomforts of rain, wind, & extreme cold/hot weather.  Fieldwork typically involve 5-10 consecutive days in remote field locations, w/ workdays up to 12 hours/day.  Due to the wide geographical extent of project, extensive travel is necessary.  Work involves camping in tents on public lands, hiking in rugged terrain, & working under extreme weather conditions.  Must know and follow personal safety precautions. If selected, you will be required to complete a pre-employment physical. Must have a valid driverÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s license.

Must have 9 months of field experience OR 3 years of sub-professional work experience OR 3 years of college with courses related to the work of the position to be filled (equivalent to 120 semester/180 quarter hrs) plus 3 months of lab or field work experience.  In addition, desired applicant will have at least 3 months of experience identifying plants in the field.

The jobs will be posted on the internet at the following site.  Make sure to indicate in your application the Job # SRFS-21-001.  All applicants must apply by following the instructions in the job announcement at the following website:

Opens: 12/17/2020   Closes: 01/03/2021

Oregon Worksource:

Posting # 2708427

Agency Job # SRFS-21-001

The USGS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Selection for this position will be based solely on merit, fitness, and qualifications without regard to race, sex, color, religion, age, marital status, national origin, non-disqualifying handicap conditions, sexual orientation, or any other non-merit factors.   This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities

For more information please contact:

Michelle Schatz Ãf¢ÒÂEURҔ USGS FRESC HQ Ãf¢ÒÂEURҔ for application questions

Ph. (541)750-1040  OR  Email:

Below are the application instructions that are included in the job posting.  Any applications received that do not follow these instructions will not be considered.

HOW TO APPLY: Submit one of the following forms of application: (a) rÃfÂfÒ©sumÃfÂfÒ© OR (b) OF-612, Optional Application for Federal Employment, OR (c) other written format. IF SUBMITTING A RESUME be sure to include the following for EACH job listed: To and From dates of employment as mm/dd/yyyy and how many hours per week you worked each job; percentage of time spent doing field survey work; percentage of time spent doing laboratory work; statement of duties; supervisor contact information. Be sure to also address the additional qualifier, if applicable. Please also submit transcripts (unofficial is acceptable) to document all education used for position qualification. ALWAYS INCLUDE THE JOB# OF THE VACANCY YOU ARE APPLYING TO. Application package can be submitted electronically to email address provided below by closing date. Hard Copy applications are also accepted but must be received by the closing date. To claim 5 point Veteran’s Preference, a DD214 showing character of discharge is required. If claiming 10 point Veteran’s Preference, a SF15 with proof of claim is required.

Send Application packages to: OR mail to 777 NW 9th St, Suite 400, Corvallis, OR 97330