Research technician positions in Plant-Pollinator Interactions, Louisiana

The Genung Lab at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (see is advertising 2-3 research technician positions for the spring and summer of 2021.

Technicians will contribute to one of two projects: (1) plant-pollinator interactions in coastal prairies, or (2) the effects of predators on pollinator communities and plant fitness. For both projects, successful candidates will learn techniques in pollination ecology, field botany, and bee identification.

(1) Prairies project: This job would focus on field work collecting bees from prairie habitats in southern Louisiana, plus associated data processing and curation (data recording, insect pinning and identification, etc.). We work along a gradient of prairies stretching from coastal marshes through upland pine savannahs. These prairies are critically threatened ecosystems and are high priorities for conservation.

(2) Predators project: This job would focus on observing bees and predators in a common garden experiment, plus collecting and counting seeds to determine plant fitness. The common garden is located at the UL Ecology Center right outside Lafayette. Most studies of pollinator predators have used crab spiders, but this project focuses on the green lynx spider, which has a different hunting strategy and life history.

The research technician positions would run for ~18 weeks (approx. 12 April Ãf¢ÒÂEURҔ 13 August) at 40 hours per week, and would pay $11-14 per hour, depending on qualifications. The exact dates are flexible and open to discussion, especially if the proposed dates interfere with classes.

Required Qualifications: Field research experience; willingness to working outside in hot, humid conditions; drivers’ license; no known bee sting allergy; maturity and ability to work independently.

Preferred Qualifications: Experience with field entomology and/or botany; experience curating insect and plant collections; personal vehicle.

Please send (1) a short CV, (2) a 1-page description of your qualifications and how this research would help advance your career goals, and (3) contact information for three references, to Applications are due by 26 January 2021. Interviews will follow within two weeks of the deadline.