Graduate position: NorthernArizonaU.Bioinformatics

 Northern Arizona University: Recruitment is open for graduate student
> positions in the area of Health and Bioinformatics in the School of
> Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems (SICCS) at Northern Arizona
> University (NAU). Qualified students are eligible for research and
> teaching assistantships with highly-competitive stipends. SICCS¡¦s
> mission is to conduct high-impact, innovative research in informatics
> with an emphasis on producing solutions that lead to benefits in human
> and environmental health.
> Research opportunities are available in the following areas linked to
> specific SICCS faculty: Viacheslav ¡§Slava¡¨ Fofanov: High-throughput
> metagenomic sequencing, pathogen detection and transmission. Tara
> Furstenau: Bioinformatics, computational biology, metagenomic analysis,
> pathogen detection. Crystal Hepp: Phylogeography, arboviruses, molecular
> epidemiology. Joe Mihaljevic: Ecological informatics, multi-pathogen
> communities, infectious diseases. Marc Tollis:Phylogenetics, population
> genetics, phylogeography, comparative genomics, cancer evolution. Other
> research opportunities are available with our affiliated faculty: Gregory
> Caporaso: Bioinformatics, bioinformatics education, human microbiome.
> Flagstaff offers an ideal, scenic environment for living and
> learning. With a four-season climate, amazing landscapes, and ample
> sunshine, you¡¦ll discover outdoor adventures unlike anywhere else
> in the United States¡Xfind out more about NAU and Flagstaff at . Assistantship benefits
> include stipends, full tuition waiver, health insurance, and research
> support.
> Candidates should explore the SICCS website (
> ) and contact the professor whose interests align most closely with
> information on their background, research interests, and qualifications,
> as well as a current resume.
> Formal applications to our programs can be submitted online at Applications for our PhD program are due
> on January 1. Applications received early may be considered for a
> prestigious NAU Presidential Fellowship, which provides an increased
> stipend and additional funding to support professional development.