Job: ColumbiaU.ResTech.EvolTickPathogens

 The Diuk-Wasser in the Dept of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental
> Biology is looking to hire a full time lab technician/manager for
> molecular and field work on tick-borne disease pathogens.
> The lab’s work focuses on studying the ecology of tick-borne pathogens
> by collecting field samples during the summer months, conducting
> quantitative PCR and tissue culture and animal-tick transmission
> experiments during the academic year. The technician would assist in
> all these activities, help order reagents for the lab as well as help
> coordinate and prepare for the field sampling season.
> The ideal candidate will have experience with DNA extractions and
> quantitative PCR, will have previous field experience (not necessarily
> collecting ticks) and have experience working with laboratory animals
> (optional).
> Minimum qualification:
> Bachelor’s Degree in the biological sciences
> Experience working in a molecular laboratory and some field experience.
> Essential Functions
> 1.      Strong organizational skills evidenced in recommendation
>        letters.
> 2.      Molecular experience: DNA extraction, quantitative PCR.
> 3.      Field experience
> 4.      Laboratory animal experience (optional)
> Candidates can apply here:
> Matthew Combs <>