Graduate position: PennsylvaniaStateU.GallWaspEvolution

Graduate student and postdoc opportunities to study gall wasp (Cynipidae)
> evolution at Penn State.
> Background:
> Gall wasps comprise thousands of species that manipulate host plant
> development to create tumor-like structures, called galls, in which
> wasp larvae feed while being protected from predators and the outside
> environment. These galls exhibit diverse architectures and develop in
> specific locations on host-plant species depending on the wasp species
> that initiated the gall. While wasps are likely using molecular signals to
> alter plant development to generate these novel structures, the mechanisms
> are unknown. Through our NSF-funded project (grant number 1856626), we
> aim to shed light on the evolution of gall wasps and their galls using
> phylogenomic data, examine molecular mechanisms of gall induction, and to
> develop new tools for research on these wasps in North America. Multiple
> opportunities are available to pursue some combination of phylogenomics,
> taxonomy, informatics, genomics, transcriptomics, and chemical ecology
> with project PIs.
> Qualifications:
> Interested students/postdocs should have a passion for discovery, interest
> in biodiversity, strong background in biology and molecular research,
> and, given the large scale of this project, good organization skills
> and attention to detail.
> How to apply:
> This position will based in University Park, PA in the Hines and/or Deans
> Labs and involve a team of project investigators including Drs. Andrew
> Deans, Heather Hines, John Tooker (all PSU), Seán Brady (Smithsonian),
> and Matt Buffington (USDA SEL). Please email a statement of interest
> and CV to Andrew Deans ( or Heather Hines (
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> applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual
> orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected
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