Graduate position: UTennessee_Knoxville.EvolBiology

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University
> of Tennessee, Knoxville, is seeking applications from prospective graduate
> students who wish to pursue a research-based Masters or PhD degree. Our
> ecology program is among the top 10% for research impact in North America
> (Keville et al., 2017). We pride ourselves on supporting the professional
> growth and career success of our students, as evidenced by their excellent
> track record of important scientific discoveries, publications in top
> journals, participation in international scientific meetings, receiving
> prestigious national and international funding, and placement in their
> desired career pathways (whether that leads them to top research and/or
> teaching institutions, positions in public/governmental agencies, or
> private industry – see
> Our faculty work across a broad range of exciting questions in a
> collaborative, collegial department. We investigate interactions within
> and between levels of biological organization; our study systems span
> from genes to ecosystems (see
> and a few brief examples at the end
> of this message). We integrate experimental, survey, theory, modeling
> and statistical approaches with a rich tradition of natural history in
> pursuit of these topics.
> While we encourage students to pursue independent funding opportunities,
> our policy is to admit students only when we are confident we have
> funding support available for the full duration of their studies (provided
> adequate progress in the program).  We provide funding to both Master¢s
> and PhD students through teaching assistantships, regardless of their
> citizenship. Our goal is to recruit a diverse pool of students on a range
> of metrics, including background, career stage, and research interests.
> Our program relies on the strong mentorship bond between student and
> advisor(s). We therefore give very strong preference to candidates
> who have already communicated with their potential advisor(s) before
> submitting their application. Our deadline for applications is Dec 1st,
> 2019, so we suggest reaching out to potential advisors at least 2 weeks
> before submitting your application to allow for low-stress communication.
> Read more about us at and find our application instructions and materials
> at
> . If
> you need help with the online application, please contact the Graduate
> Admissions Staff assigned to EEB. For other questions, please contact
> Prof. Nina Fefferman, Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee.
> Brief examples of some of the foci of strength in our program include (but
> are not limited to) the large numbers of faculty who work as quantitative
> bioscientists in a variety of fields,,
> and conservation biology,  There are also
> many faculty members working on predictive ecological and evolutionary
> frameworks for the outcome of plant-soil-microbial interactions under
> global change.
> Nina Fefferman <>