Graduate position: Clemson.OralMicrobeEvolution

> Vincent Richards’ lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at
> Clemson University is accepting applications for a PhD position.
> The overarching research theme will focus on the oral microbiome and
> the relationship between the bacterial and fungal components of this
> community. Specific questions include how these taxa respond and adapt to
> this dynamic environment. Operating over numerous time scales, multiple
> host factors such as diet, health, disease, and host genotype can impact
> the oral environment and hence are strong evolutionary forces that can
> shape and select for changes within the community. We are particularly
> interested in the interplay and co-evolution of bacterial and fungal
> components of the community and how these processes are impacted
> by immunosuppression. Multiple omic approaches such as comparative
> genomics, metagenomics, and metatranscriptomics will be coupled with
> network analyses to address these questions.
> Desirable skills include experience analyzing next-generation sequence
> data and proficiency with Linux/bash. However, these are not absolute
> requirements as the student will be trained in numerous omic and
> bioinformatic approaches. Importantly, the student should possess a
> great deal of enthusiasm, curiosity, and imagination.
> The position will be available Fall 2020 and the salary will initially
> range between $22,000/year and $25,000/year plus benefits and tuition
> (commensurate with experience and qualifications). Increases are
> possible. Applicants should contact Vincent Richards directly at
> Please provide a cover letter (describing research
> interests, experience, and career goals) and a CV that includes links
> to any authored publications.
> Clemson University is ranked 27th among top national public universities
> and 70th among all national universities by U.S. News & World Report and
> is located on Lake Hartwell near the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful
> Upstate South Carolina.
> Vincent P. Richards, PhD
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Biological Sciences
> Clemson University
> Clemson, SC 29634
> Email:
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> Vincent Paul Richards <>