Graduate position: AMNH_NewYork.ComparativeBiology

American Museum of Natural History
> Richard Gilder Graduate School
> Comparative Biology Ph.D. Program  and Graduate Fellowships Program
> The AMNH RGGS Ph.D. Program in Comparative Biology is training the
> next generation of biologists through an integrative approach that
> focuses on the history, evolutionary relationships, and interactions
> among species. It utilizes the Museum’s strength and experience in
> research and training to educate a new generation of scientists and
> industry leaders. The AMNH provides exceptional support facilities for
> student research, with collections of more than 33 million specimens
> and artifacts. Training and research opportunities exist across a wide
> array of disciplines in comparative biology, incorporating research
> in systematic and evolutionary biology, paleontology, conservation
> biology, comparative genomics, computational biology, Earth history,
> anthropology, and biological and cultural diversity. Global fieldwork,
> with AMNH faculty, student-led or in partnership with others, provides
> exceptional research opportunities for students. RGGS students may
> take advantage of RGGS course cross-enrollment agreements with partner
> universities Columbia and the City University of New York. Armed with a
> Gilder School education, graduates will not only understand the history
> and diversity of life on Earth, but may contribute to advances in human
> health, biodiversity conservation, and other related biological research
> fields as well.
> This is an accelerated program, designed for students to complete their
> degrees in four years. Students will earn a minimum of 62 credits
> through a combination of coursework, teaching assistantships, and
> individual dissertation research. The Richard Gilder Graduate School
> will typically provide full financial support to students matriculating
> in the Comparative Biology Ph.D. Program.
> We also offer Graduate Fellowships for students interested in earning
> a Ph.D. at one of our partner institutions (Columbia University, CUNY,
> NYU, Stony Brook and Cornell University), when they are advised by an
> AMNH curator.
> The AMNH Graduate Student Fellowship Program is an educational
> partnership with selected universities, dedicated to the training
> of Ph.D. candidates in those scientific disciplines practiced at
> the Museum. Our current collaborations are with Columbia University,
> City University of New York (CUNY), Cornell University, Stony Brook
> University, and New York University (NYU). The host university in which
> the student enrolls exercises educational jurisdiction over the students
> and formally awards the degree. In these partnership programs, at least
> one Museum curator must serve as a graduate advisor, co-major professor
> or major professor, and adjunct university faculty member. Each student
> benefits by having the staff and facilities of both the university and
> the Museum to support his/her training and research. To be eligible
> for the AMNH Graduate Fellowship, students must apply to both the host
> University’s Ph.D. program and to the AMNH Graduate Student Fellowships
> Program. Students already matriculated in a Ph.D. program are not eligible
> to apply; only new, first-time Ph.D. applicants will be considered.
> Arts or Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree, from an accredited
> institution; Official transcripts from all undergraduate/graduate
> institutions attended; Three letters of support; Statement of Academic
> Purpose (Essay 1: past research experience [length of up to 550 words]
> and Essay 2: proposed research interests [length of up to 500 words]);
> Interview (Final candidates will be interviewed); AMNH Faculty sponsor;
> Application fee of $50 (Comp Bio Only); Proficiency in English (TOEFL
> [100 or higher] or IELTS scores [total 7.0 or higher] are required for
> non-native English speakers, taken within the past 2 years)
> Deadline: December 15, 2019
> For more info, please visit:
> To apply, please go to:
> Anna Manuel <>