Graduate position: UArizona.HostParasiteInteractions

Graduate student opportunities in the evolutionary genetics of
> host-parasite interactions at the University of Arizona
> The Schlenke Lab studies host-parasite interactions using Drosophila
> (fruit flies) as model hosts. We have developed parasitoid wasps, which
> lay their eggs in fly larvae and consume their hosts from the inside
> out, as model parasites. Flies mount cellular and behavioral defense
> responses against wasps, but wasps have adaptations for finding host fly
> larvae, suppressing host immunity, and manipulating host behavior. We
> use a variety of “omics” tools to understand the molecular genetics of
> fly-wasp interactions, and look for patterns of immunity and virulence
> coevolution across fly and wasp phylogenies. For more information,
> visit our lab website at:
> If you are interested in our lab please contact Todd
> Schlenke (  Candidates may apply
> through the Entomology and Insect Science (EIS) Graduate Program
> ( or the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
> Graduate Program (  The application
> deadline for both programs is December 1st.
> Dr. Todd Schlenke
> Associate Professor
> University of Arizona
> Department of Entomology
> Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
> 520-621-7167
> Todd Schlenke <>