PhD student position

A PhD position is available at East Tennessee State University to study
life-history, biochemistry, and physiology of an emerging model organism
Daphnia (Crustacea: Cladocera) in context of aging and longevity. This is
a collaborative project with Prof. Marc Kirschner’s lab at Harvard Medical
School and possibilities exist for research visits and other collaborative
work with the Harvard Daphnia team. Questions to be addressed include
structural and physiological changes that accompany senescence and their
reversal during asexual oogenesis, mechanisms of caloric restriction and
epigenetic effects on longevity, and trade-offs between longevity and
other life-history parameters.

East Tennessee State University is located in a spectacular area of
Appalachian mountains which provides excellent opportunities for hiking,
boating, hunting, skiing etc. The Department of Biological sciences
consists of 17 faculty and several adjuncts with research interests
ranging from ornithology to aquatic biology to plant biochemistry and
everything in between. We strive to offer a vibrant, diverse, and
encouraging academic environment.

Position starts in the Fall of 2019; BS in biology or related field is
expected by the start date.

Please contact Lev Yampolsky <> with questions about this
position and Daphnia longevity project. Apply at