Graduate student openings

Texas Tech University is recruiting students for an online interdisciplinary Professional Science Master’s Program (PSM). You can choose to specialize in Natural Resources Management or in Environmental Sustainability.
The Professional Science Master’s degree (PSM) in Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resource Management is an interdisciplinary online degree that prepares graduates for science careers in business, government, or nonprofit sectors, and focuses on sustainability science as it applies to natural resources and the environment.

Become part of the solution to our growing environmental challenges in natural resources and the environment for our local, regional, national, and global communities. This degree prepares students to help organizations better manage their natural resources, strive for sustainability, and to comply with environmental regulations. You’ll gain knowledge to recommend and implement practical solutions to the world’s environmental problems.

A PSM degree has been called the “MBA for scientists.” It’s an innovative degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in science, while simultaneously developing highly-valued business skills. A PSM degree can prepare students for associated science careers in business, government, or nonprofit organizations, where workforce needs are increasing. This interdisciplinary degree offers core coursework in natural resources and policy through the Department of Natural Resources Management, and core coursework in sustainability and ecology through the Department of Biological Sciences. This coursework is then combined with electives to tailor the degree to a student’s interests. These courses are taken along with a business component that emphasizes communication, leadership, strategic planning, marketing, and sustainable business practices. The program culminates in an internship or capstone project, so the student gains experience in applying their coursework in real world situations to address complex problems.

This distance program is designed to be flexible and to accommodate those with full time jobs looking for career advancement as well as full time students preparing to begin their careers. Courses can be taken entirely at a distance or on the Texas Tech Campus.

Application Materials and Requirements:
• Transcripts from a 4 year undergraduate degree
• A minimum 3.0 in the last 90 credits of coursework
• Statement of interest summarizing your education, employment history, long-term career goals, and how this degree program will help (1-2 pg)
• GRE Scores: optional
• International students must also have a TOEFL score of 80 or above. This is an online program that does not require residency and therefore cannot be used to obtain a student visa.

Contact Dr. Kerry Griffis-Kyle if you are interested in the Natural Resources Track: (email is preferred)
Contact Dr. Deborah Carr if you are interested in the Environmental Sustainability Track:

(Currently the website says we accept students in the fall semester, but we can be flexible about the starting semester)