Non profit in the Bolivian Amazon looking for a biodiversity student

I am contacting you on behalf of Sustainable Bolivia, a US registered non profit created in 2007 and with activities since then in Bolivia. Since last year, Sustainable Bolivia has relocated to the city of Riberalta, also known as the “Capital of the Bolivian Amazon” in order to develop its own environmental and community development projects. As such, we have been working with public authorities and rural communities for the creation of a 20,000 hectares natural reserve, the Aquicuana Reserve.
As part of these projects, we would like to improve the knowledge we have about the Reserve itself and we’ve been working this year with biodiversity students to research, register and list different species of the reserve. As such, we now have registered 302 different species of birds, including one unique in the world, the Masked Antpitta, but also more than 40 different kinds of amphibians. In this context, we are looking for new biology students to help us next year to continue this work. Please find enclosed the detailed description of the volunteer position and tasks.
I would like to know if it would be possible to forward this opportunity to your students?
Thank you in advance,
Ludivine Félix
National Director | 
Cel : +591 65319279