Graduate position: UWisconsin_Milwaukee.PopulationGenomics

The Alberto lab is searching for graduate students to join the lab in
Fall 2019

The Alberto lab at UW-Milwaukee is seeking for a graduate student for
Fall 2019 with particular interest topics ranging from a more
conceptual molecular ecology (kelp forests, seagrass species) to more
applied research topics such as genomic selection in macroalgae. The
lab research interest is broad in all areas of population genetics and
genomics, from fine-scale spatial genetic structure and demographic
inference, local adaptation, oceanscape genetics and range-wide
biogeographical analysis of model organisms. Our focus is both on
empirical research through the acquisition of population genetics data,
using molecular marker techniques, simulation-based hypothesis testing,
and species distribution modeling.

Our closer collaborators have included the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
( based at UCSB, California, The Moss Landing
Marine Laboratory in Central California, the Center for Marine Sciences
at University of the Algarve, Portugal
( and recently the University of
Southern California and its Wrigley Marine Science Center. Students
interested in developing projects in topics related to seagrass
population genetics or the balance between clonal and sexual
strategies, focusing marine or freshwater plant model species, are also
welcomed to contact me. Please see my website for more information on
our team (

Much of our work involves some form of programming in R, students are
expected to be motivated to learn how to code. However, while coding
skills are a benefit, they are not required to successful applicants.

UWM has an active group of researchers
studying evolutionary genetics and behavior: Students
would enroll in the graduate program in the department of biological
sciences at UWM (,
the deadline for applications is December 1. The minimum requirements
for admission to the Biology Department include an undergraduate GPA
of at least 3.0 and GRE scores (both verbal and quantitative) in the
50 percentile or better. You can find more information on the Graduate
School website

All graduate students at UWM can be supported financially by teaching
assistantships (TA) and receive a stipend, full tuition waiver, and
health insurance. TA appointments are usually made at the 50% level,
which involves a teaching commitment of 20 hours per week. MS students
can expect TA support for up to 3 years and Ph.D. students up to 5
years. You must apply by December 1 to be considered for a TA position.

There are also other opportunities for funding, such as University-wide
fellowships that are generally based on GRE and GPA, which are given to
students after they have been enrolled at UWM for one year. More
information at
To apply please send me an email ( including 1) a
statement of research interests, 2) a summary of your previous academic
and research experiences, and 3) a summary on how your research
interests might fit our lab. Finally, please include a CV (with GPA and
GRE scores).