Graduate Positions: RiceU.Ecology&Evolution

The Department of BioSciences at Rice University invites applications for admission into our Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Ph.D. program. BioSciences is home to a vibrant community of faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate scholars in Ecology and Evolution, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Neuroscience. Our EEB program has particular strengths in animal behavior, population and community ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary ecology, and evolutionary genetics and genomics.
The following faculty members are potentially accepting graduate students for Fall 2019:
Lydia Beaudrot ( community ecology, macroecology, and conservation biology of tropical mammals
Adrienne Correa ( coral reef virus isolation and characterization, multipartite symbioses, SISPA, omics, community ecology
Scott Egan ( population genetics and genomics of rare species, environmental DNA surveillance, community metagenetics, conservation biology, evolutionary biology
Volker Rudolf ( Community, population, and disease ecology; climate change; biodiversity
Julia Saltz ( Development and evolution of individual differences in behavior, behavioral genetics, evolutionary feedbacks, phenotypic plasticity, learning.
We offer highly competitive financial support, a supportive and friendly environment, and light teaching requirements for graduate students. We are located in Houston, Texas, an exciting, diverse, and affordable city with world-class opportunities for dining, arts, and entertainment and access to diverse terrestrial and aquatic environments. Rice is located beside one of the country’s largest medical research centers, providing additional opportunities in bioinformatics and genomics.
Completed applications should be received by December 31 to ensure full consideration. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential faculty advisors before applying. Complete information about the graduate program, including application instructions and how waive the application fee, may be found at