MSc in Atlantic salmon ecology at the University of New Brunswick

I have an opening for an MSc student in my lab at UNB. Full details below and a link to the advert here Please pass this on to any recently gradiuated students who may be interested.
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MSc in Atlantic salmon ecology at the University of New Brunswick
I am seeking an enthusiastic student to undertake an MSc research project using stable isotopes to examine the migration history and trophic ecology of Atlantic Salmon populations in Eastern Canada. The student will join my research group at the Canadian Rivers Institute in the University of New Brunswick and will work closely with the Stable Isotopes in Nature Laboratory.
Atlantic salmon are a charismatic and economically important species in Atlantic Canada, but regional populations are undergoing a precipitous decline. Identifying the marine feeding grounds of adult salmon is of paramount importance to conservation efforts for this species.  A collaboration between the University of New Brunswick, the Canadian Rivers Institute, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Parks Canada aims to identify spatial variation in the marine feeding grounds of discrete populations inhabiting the region. This study will focus on two complementary goals:
  • Identifying spatial and temporal variation in the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen stable isotope ratios of adult Atlantic salmon spawning in Canadian rivers.
  • Ascertaining the trophic ecology of the Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon population.
Applicants must possess a BSc in Biology or a related discipline and hold a full driving licence. The ideal student will have a background in fish biology and some existing expertise in or knowledge of stable isotope ecology. 
To apply, please send a copy of your resume complete with a cover letter outlining your aptitude for the position and the names and contact details of three referees to Deadline for applications is Friday May 11th. Informal queries should be directed to me.
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