Research technician position available: Environmental sensors and forestry

Research technician position available: Environmental sensors and forestry
JOB TITLE: Environmental Sensor Program Manager
This is a permanent state position at Clemson University’s Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science.  The main responsibilities of the position are maintaining a cluster of environmental sensors deployed in coastal environments, including eddy flux systems, and performing ecological field sampling.
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Supervises field technicians in forestry and natural resource monitoring and research program. Manages environmental sensor program for applications in forestry, hydrology, and coastal ecology, including installation, calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting. Operates and maintains a cluster of eddy covariance flux towers in coastal South Carolina. Performs forestry and natural resources fieldwork. Helps plan and design research implementation, sensor deployment, and forestry and natural resource sampling.
30% – Essential – Fieldwork: Performs field sampling of forest vegetation, soils, water for forest growth, biomass, productivity, nutrient use, etc. Sets up forest sampling plots. Navigating to previously established locations and collecting new waypoints in the field using GPS.
30% – Essential – Sensor Systems: Test, troubleshoot, calibrate and operate instruments, sensors, power systems and other field equipment in support of forest and natural resource analysis and research. Inspects and maintains sensor and field infrastructure including sensor mounts, towers, boardwalks, electrical supplies, and other field equipment, safety equipment, and lab instrumentation. Follows safety and scientific protocols.
20% – Essential – Data Management: Prepares forestry and natural resource samples for analysis. Downloads and prepares forest and natural resource data for analysis and archiving. Performs basic QAQC on data streams. Downloads data from sensor networks according to set schedule/protocol. Executes Data Management Plans as designated in specific projects.
10% – Essential – Project Planning: Uses best practices and scientific literature to design field sampling protocols in forests, wetlands, and agricultural systems with manual collection and sensor systems. Maintains statistical rigor in design and collection. Researches new and current technology in environmental sensors and assists with inventory and acquisition of new instrumentation using fiscally sound strategies.
10% – Essential – Supervision: Supervises field technicians. Coordinates field sampling campaigns. Assigns human and technical resources for forestry and natural resource programs in consultation with institute faculty. Helps to train new technicians and student interns. Works with supervisor and institute director on annual review, hiring, and termination of supervisees.
Masters Degree in Forestry, Natural Resources, Ecology, or Environmental Science and 8 years of related work experience.
Clemson University
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