Brown University Research Assistant position for Cell and Developmental

Location: Brown University, Molecular Biology Cell Biology Biochemistry
Department (Providence, RI)

We are looking to hire an excellent full-time research assistant who is
encouraged to conduct her/his independent research under PI’s
supervision. The area of research includes developmental biology,
molecular biology, evolutionary developmental biology, live imaging,
proteomics, RNA-IP-seq, CRISPR genome editing technology. Basic
skillset and knowledge in molecular biology (e.g. cloning, PCR) and a
good accomplishment in her/his undergraduate work is prerequisite.
Other necessary trainings (e.g. microinjection, confocal imaging,
proteomics) will be provided by the PI. The successful individuals will
be given own projects to conduct and finish (hopefully with lead author
publications) within one-two years of appointment. This is an excellent
job opportunity for individuals who seek to proceed to graduate school
or medical school with a good record of research accomplishment in near
Any interested individuals should contact the PI via e-mail: mamiko_yajima@brown
.edu. Please enclose your CV, title of your thesis, and name of your thesis advi
sor. Reviews will begin immediately and continue until position is filled.  *To
be noted, the University does not support a Visa for this position.

Mamiko Yajima <>