Applications due Friday! NC State Summer Fellow program: Marine Soundscape Ecology

Please share the following paid summer internship position with your undergraduates interested in marine ecology and fish acoustics. The applications are due THIS FRIDAY March 30.
We seek a summer research assistant for a study using passive acoustics to assess fish behavior and habitat use on restored oyster reefs in North Carolina. The assistant will be supervised by graduate students in the Marine Ecology and Conservation Program at NC State University through the NC State Center for Marine Science and Technology (CMAST) Summer Fellows program. The Marine Ecology and Conservation program focuses on understanding how the marine soundscape is influenced by and can provide information about spatial and temporal patterns in estuarine ecosystems, specifically related to fish behavior and ecosystem health.
The research aims to catalog the sound signatures of estuarine fish species with unknown or poorly documented calls. This research will inform related studies on fish behavior and habitat use, and will be applied to biodiversity and conservation assessments in coastal North Carolina. We seek assistance to conduct a series of fish auditioning experiments to (1) capture species that we expect produce sound and (2) record and characterize their acoustic behaviors to facilitate improved detection and differentiation of species recorded in the field.
The assistant will help with field collection, identification, and laboratory recording of several fish species endemic to coastal North Carolina. The assistant will gain experience with fish identification, maintaining and using wetlab facilities, and conducting and analyzing underwater recordings. The assistant should be able to work independently and with a small team, organized and responsible, comfortable handling live fish, working non-conventional hours, and working from a boat; previous fishing experience is preferred, but not required. There will be opportunities for the assistant to conduct their own side-project, and interest in doing so is highly encouraged. The assistant will also have opportunities to work on additional projects conducted from CMAST.
The position will be based at NC State’s Center for Marine Science and Technology in Morehead City, NC. Position would begin in late May and extend through early August. If interested, please apply here:
Applications are due THIS FRIDAY March 30!
Please contact Olivia Caretti ( with any questions.