Graduate student opportunity (MS in Environmental Education)

The Environmental Education program at Southern Oregon University is proud

to offer a Master of Science program, which is accredited by the North

American Association for Environmental Education.  This program is designed

to create leaders in the field of Environmental Education.  Our program

offers interdisciplinary training in the natural sciences, ecology, and

education, all in the diverse and spectacular Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of

southwestern Oregon and northern California.

Our science-based program offers several unique elements including our

culminating project.  The graduate students collaborate to design and

present both a day and residential program aimed at diverse audiences

(grades K-12) located at a Field Station (Deer Creek Center) and on the

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

The graduate academic experience can be further enriched by adding a Master

of Arts in Teaching with licensure, a certificate in nonprofit management,

a thesis, or a project that can be integrated with the Environmental

Education degree.  Every student will complete an exit interview and either

an oral exam, project, or thesis.

Financial aid may be available to students. Some students may qualify for

in-state tuition through the Western Regional Graduate Program

<>.  Five graduate assistantships are offered each

year to Environmental Education graduate students, four through the

Siskiyou Environmental Education Center Office.  Going into effect during

the first fall quarter and continuing through the following summer,

graduate assistants receive an 80% in-state tuition remission and a monthly

stipend.  The assistantship requires 12 hours of work per week.  Positions

include Siskiyou Environmental Education Center (SEEC) Office Manager, SEEC

Assistant Office Manager, Outreach Coordinator/Kit Manager, and Fall in the

Field Coordinator.  The fifth assistantship is offered as an instructor for

introductory biology labs for those with sufficient background in biology.

This assistantship includes fall, winter, and spring terms.  Additional

assistantships are often available to environmental education graduate

students depending on funding and availability. Please contact us for more


An additional letter explaining your qualifications is required to be

considered for a graduate assistantship.  Applications for admission into

the Environmental Education program are considered January 16, 2018 and

April 16, 2018.  Applications received by the January 16th deadline receive

priority consideration for graduate assistantships.  For information about

application requirements visit

For more information about the program, please visit our website at or contact Paige

Engelbrektsson at


Paige Engelbrektsson

Graduate Assistant

Siskiyou Environmental Education Center (SEEC)

Southern Oregon University

(541) 552-6876