Graduate position: BrooklynC.MicrobeEvolution

Looking for a Ph.D. student to join the Draghi Lab at Brooklyn College.
We study evolution in microbes to understand the basic processes and
dynamics of adaptation. I currently have Ph.D. student funding from
NSF’s Systems & Synthetic Biology program for a project modeling
metabolism, evolution and epistasis in the bacterium M. extorquens.
This is a collaborative grant involving a variety of cutting-edge
experimental and computational approaches; we’re just getting started
with this 3-4 year project, making this a fantastic opportunity for
students with interests in evolution, programming, statistics or

Students from a variety of disciplines are invited to apply. Potential
applicants should first send a CV and a cover letter directly to Dr.
Jeremy Draghi at Brooklyn College is part of the
City University of New York, and promising applicants will be directed
to apply to either the EEB or MCD subprograms at the CUNY Graduate
Center, with applications due January 1^st. Please see

for further details.

Jeremy Draghi <>