Graduate Positions Studying Species Interactions at UC Riverside

The Ponisio Lab ( at the University of California

Riverside is seeking PhD students interested in species interactions and

community ecology.

The Ponisio Lab studies the mechanisms operating in complex systems,


ecological communities, that underlie diversity maintenance. The questions

we are currently tackling are along these lines: 1) How do the

characteristics of communities affect interaction patterns? 2) How do

interaction patterns feedback to affect the characteristics of communities?

3) How can we design (restore) degraded communities to promote stability

and evolutionary potential (applying all the principles learned from the

above)? As a lab, we adhere to best practices in reproducible science, so

applicants should have experience with/enthusiasm for learning about data


We are beginning a new long-term experiment in the Madrean Sky Islands

asking how the interaction patterns at the individual, species and network

level effect ecosystem resilience and function, and how does the assembly

history of a community influence those patterns ( This is a

collaborative project with Shalene Jha at UT Austin and Terry Griswold at

the USDA Logan Bee Lab. We are particularly interested in students who

would like to be part of this work, however, research in the lab is diverse

and students will be encouraged to develop and pursue independent research

projects as part of their dissertation work.

Interested applicants should email Lauren Ponisio ( to

discuss research opportunities and qualifications. Please include your CV

and a brief description of your research interests, including how they

align with the lab.  We are also interested in students wishing to pursue a

fellowship through UC Mexus (a fellowship for Mexican students wishing to

pursue a graduate degree in the UC system).

Kaysee Tom

Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs

MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, 2014

University of California, Berkeley

BS in Environmental Science, 2013

(818) 645-9319 |