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***Ph.D. position at Oklahoma State University***

I am recruiting a student to pursue a Ph.D. in my lab at Oklahoma State
University, starting Fall 2018. This position will be partly supported
as a graduate research assistantship (GRA), for which the student will
study the evolution of morphology and functional performance in frogs
and toads. The GRA involves both laboratory experiments and fieldwork,
which will be mostly local but may involve international trips.

Research in the lab addresses macroevolution and evolutionary
biomechanics. Most projects involve fieldwork, laboratory experiments,
work with museum specimens, and phylogenetic comparative analyses. Please
see my lab’s website for more information:

Students in the lab have the opportunity to work on ongoing projects,
develop their own project, or a combination of the two. Some (broad)
potential dissertation research topics include:
– The mechanics of movement in frogs and the consequences for
macroevolutionary patterns of morphological diversity
– The effects of modularity and integration on macroevolutionary
patterns of diversity in clades
– The importance of deep evolutionary history on phenotypic evolution

If interested, please send me an introductory email that includes your
research interests (including why you are specifically interested
in working on the above topics), research experience, CV, GPA, and
GRE scores. Strong candidates will have had at least one substantial
independent research experience, such as a summer REU, undergraduate
research thesis, or a Masterขs degree. Ideal candidates will have
experience in typical lab projects and methods, including studies of
performance and morphology, herpetology, phylogenetic comparative biology,
and statistical analyses in R.

Completed applications need to be submitted to OSU by 1 February 2018 to
receive full consideration, but if interested you should begin discussing
an application with me long before this date.

Daniel Moen
Assistant Professor
Dept. Integrative Biology, Oklahoma State University
ph. 405-744-6815

Daniel Moen <>