Graduate position: UCentralFlorida.MarinePopulationGenomics_eDNA

Ph.D. and M.S. positions in marine population genomics or eDNA.

Fish Ecology and Evolution in the Gaither Lab at UCF The Gaither Lab
at the University of Central Florida (UCF) Department of Biology is
recruiting highly motivated and independent graduate students in marine
population genomics and evolution for Fall 2018.  My lab uses RADSeq,
whole genome re-sequencing, and targeted capture approaches to study coral
reef and deep-sea fishes. We have new projects coming online involving
eDNA techniques. Students will have access to a fully equipped genomics
lab and a high powered computing cluster.

Applicants should have completed a degree in a biological
science. Computational skills or a desire to learn bioinformatics is a
must. Ability to pursue independent research and excellent writing and
fluency in English is expected. Interested students are encouraged to
email Michelle Gaither at with the subject
line UCF_Graduate_Positions. Please include a brief description of your
research interests and experience and a CV in your email. Note that the
deadline for applications to UCF Biology is January 15th.

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DIPnet Coordinator/Postdoctoral Researcher
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