Graduate position: TexasAMU.EvolutionaryGenomics

The Blackmon lab at Texas A&M University is recruiting PhD graduate
students interested in evolutionary genomics and genetics. My lab studies a
variety of questions including genome structure, sex chromosomes, and trait
evolution. We use both theoretical and empirical approaches.  In our
empirical work, we often focus on beetles and other invertebrates.

While the Blackmon lab is in the Department of Biology, graduate students
can earn a PhD in Genetics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, or Biology
through the labขs participation in two interdepartmental programs at Texas
A&M.  These programs allow students to take courses and interact with
faculty from over 19 other departments that share interests in Genetics and

With approximately 60,000 students Texas A&M is one of the largest
universities in the country.  It is located in Bryan/College Station which
has a population of about 250k.  It is within easy reach of Houston and
Austin.  This part of Southeast Texas is situated close to many distinct
biomes and provides excellent opportunities for fieldwork and outdoor
recreation.  Support for graduate students is provided for five years by a
combination of teaching and research assistantships.

Please contact Heath Blackmon directly at for more
information regarding opportunities and application information.
Additional information about the Blackmon lab can be found at

Heath Blackmon <>

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