Graduate position: UMiami.AvianAdaptation

PhD Student Positions in High-altitude Adaptation

Graduate student PhD positions are available beginning August 2018 to work
on the mechanistic and genetic basis of hypoxia resistance in Andean
waterbirds with Kevin McCracken, at the University of Miami in Coral
Gables, Florida, and collaborating investigators Graham Scott (McMaster
University), Neal Dawson (McMaster University), and Bill Milsom (University
of British Columbia).

We seek one or more PhD students with interests in integrated physiology
and genetics to collaborate on comparative studies of Andean ducks or other
high-altitude waterbirds. Studies are not limited to but might include
respiratory and cardiovascular physiology, enzyme function, histology, and
studies of movements and flight or diving performance. Students with an
interest in population genomics and gene expression are also encouraged to
contact us.

Travel to high-altitude field sites in South America and to the
collaborating labs in Canada may be required. Experience and/or interest in
preparing specimens for museum archival and genetic resources collections
is desirable. Spanish speaking/writing skills also would be helpful.
Students from South American countries are especially encouraged to apply.

Typical duration of funding for a PhD student at the University of Miami is
at least five years with stipends of approximately $24,000/year, including
a full tuition waiver and health benefits. Additional sources of summer
funding are available.  Both university fellowships and departmental
teaching assistantships are available.

Applications to the PhD program at UM are due 1 December 2017 for fall 2018
admission (

Individuals who want to apply should first send a statement including
background and research interests and curriculum vitae by email to:

Kevin G. McCracken

Department of Biology, College of Arts & Sciences

Marine Biology & Ecology, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Human Genetics & Genomics, Hussman Institute for Human Genomics

University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL 33146


Office: 136 Marine Technology & Life Sciences Seawater Research
Building (RSMAS)

Lab: 188 Cox (Biology)



Kevin McCracken <>