Grad Student Openings in Macroecology, Macrophysiology, Macroevoution

The Gillooly Lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Florida has openings and support for 1-2 graduate students beginning in Fall 2017. Research in the lab is diverse, but can be described as macro-scale biology (i.e., macroecology, macroevolution, macrophysiology)

We seek an integrative view of how the structure and function of individuals/species are related to the structure and function of populations, communities and ecosystems.Lab members develop independent research programs using a variety of approaches, including mathematical modeling, experimentation and field studies. Above all else, we seek students that are creative, curious, collaborative, and open to combining theory with data. More information about the lab is available at

Prospective students should contact Dr. Jamie Gillooly by email (gillooly “at” to inquire. The deadline for application is December 1, and more information regarding the application may be found at: