MS Student University of Alabama

MS Student in Environment and Natural Resources

University of Alabama

The Forest Dynamics Lab at the University of Alabama is seeking an MS

student to quantify the macrofungal response to wind disturbance, salvage

harvesting, and prescribed fire in longleaf pine woodlands in the Fall Line

Hills of Alabama. This study is a component of a larger project designed to

quantify the effects of multiple interacting disturbances. The student will

work in collaboration with the USDA Forest Service. We seek a student with

a background in environmental science, ecology, forestry, or a related

field that preferably has research experience in field and lab settings.

Experience in mycology is preferred, but more important is an interest and

desire to work on applied research in forest disturbance ecology.

Applicants will be evaluated based on their undergraduate record, GRE

scores, recommendation letters, and prior experiences. Funding will be

provided through a combination of support from the Department through a

Graduate Assistantship and the USDA Forest Service. The position carries a

full tuition waiver, a stipend, and health insurance. Additional funding

for conference presentations will also be provided. Fellowships through the

University of Alabama Graduate School are available for exceptional


Interested students should contact Justin Hart ( and should

provide a statement of interest, an unofficial transcript, and GRE scores.

Additional information is available from the following links:

Forest Dynamics Lab:

Department of Geography:

Graduate School:

University of Alabama: