Graduate position: OhioStateU.SquirrelEvolution

PhD Position

Adaptive Divergence and Reproductive Isolation in Tree Squirrels

The Chavez Lab

Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

*Position description:* The Chavez lab is seeking two PhD students
to start Fall 2018 in the EEOB (Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal
Biology) Department at the Ohio State University. We are interested in
both the ecological and molecular bases of reproductive barriers and are
seeking students that will conduct speciation and adaptation research on
tree squirrels in their hybrid zones in the Pacific Northwest. We have
both field AND molecular studies that are ongoing with this system and
successful applicants will conduct research that investigates EITHER (or
BOTH) the ecological/behavioral, and/or genomic mechanisms of speciation
and divergent adaptations. For applicants interested in the molecular
studies, research methods will include collecting genomic data and
using bioinformatics/population genetic analyses to study hybridization,
introgression, and adaptive evolution. For applicants interested in the
field studies, research will include collecting ecological and behavioral
data as they pertain to divergent adaptations and reproductive barriers
(assortative mating, hybrid viability, life history evolution, etc???).
Candidates will be encouraged to develop independent research topics
within the context of the overall project.

*Deadline for applications:* Application materials should be submitted to
The Ohio State University Graduate School no later than December 1, 2017.

*Qualifications:* The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree
(Master???s degree is preferred) in Biological Sciences or a related
discipline with previous research experience. Ideal applicant for the
genomics position will have strong research interests in population
genetics, molecular laboratory skills, strong quantitative skills,
and some proficiency in basic bioinformatics. Ideal applicant for the
ecological/behavioral position will have strong research interest in
animal behavior, evolutionary ecology, and strong quantitative skills.

*Application materials:* Interested candidates are encouraged to email
Dr. Andreas Chavez ( to discuss the position in
detail. Your email message should include: (1) a short statement of
intent that includes why you are interested in our lab and your previous
research experience, (2) contact information for three references
(preferably those associated with your research experience), and (3)
a concise, current CV complete with (a) degrees earned and relevant
coursework, (b) GPA, (c) GRE scores and percentiles, (d) publications,
(e) research presentations, (f) awards/scholarships/grants, and (g)
other relevant skills/qualifications. Students from non-English speaking
countries should also provide TOFEL scores. PLEASE INDICATE ???Graduate
position – Fall 2018??? in your subject line.

*Additional information:* To learn more about members of the Chavez
lab and our work please visit the lab website <–3jYHjpFUpkoe_ynNWsHjsbRU03WPzW8tOV0yaz3RxUyEAX4E_uUo8cXFhVoZHWQv9KWCsHlXPv7cIzObcTkXn3PZNDj23hgCNX6hiv5sT4AeEtQ9WUUZcAAYd4u_GHUAHYbNAiMcC8UuS7DjFqD0pvfzpyYRBDf7_58Ggr5jK9otKo4_ZFvM53kZWYlZ5UTp4uvM96WZZHoIGrRrAWWxkZhH-S5TzwkiVUu7jspfuG7RMPkyYpyRyrPSnHTqP18BMA6U5TzmwPi3FtKNg6hEZV4YqV_4s1ShBUpt6IlV8HUYiazOWk9tF1puvDWm2v-O0JAVT0t-k22LUh0BSf5Q8VMp1RTDkJFbOUwfTz_T5PtNy0QSCYtc1OhV0yRW_JLECqsKHv54nT6ABjFWzTEw/¬†or>.

Andreas S. Chavez, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
The Ohio State University
318 W. 12th Ave., 300 Aronoff Laboratory, Columbus OH, 43210