MS Assistantship – Texas State University, San Marcos

Graduate Student Research Opportunity in Restoration Ecology

The Schwinning Lab is recruiting a graduate student (M.S.) to start in

January 2018. The position is in partly funded through a grant from the USGS

and partly through a teaching assistantship in the Biology Department at

Texas State University, San Marcos.

The study is located Utah conducted in collaboration with Dr. Lesley DeFalco

(USGS Field Office, Henderson, NV). The goal is to develop guidelines for

the restoration or rehabilitation of abandoned oil/gas exploration sites

within the Colorado Plateau bioregion. The student’s responsibility will be

to conduct restoration experiments to identify the main barriers to native

shrub establishment and develop remedies for overcoming such barriers. The

student will complete an M.S. degree in Population and Conservation Biology

in the Biology Department at Texas State University, San Marcos.

Minority students are especially encouraged to apply. The successful

candidate must have a strong background in any field of plant science and

the willingness and ability to do field work under challenging physical

conditions. If you are interested and want to learn more, contact Dr. Susan

Schwinning at To apply for the position, send (1) a

cover letter expressing your research interests, relevant experience and

present career goals; (2) a resume or CV; and (3) unofficial transcripts to

Dr. Schwinning. Applications to The Graduate College for the Spring Semester

of 2018 are due in early December.