Graduate (MS or PhD) prairie ecology position at the University of South Dakota

I am looking for a MS or PhD student interested in plant community ecology to begin in January 2018.  The University of South Dakota is beginning a graduate (MS and PhD) program in sustainability that is expected to be fully approved this semester.  The student could either major in sustainability or biology.

The research would be focused on the COmparing Managed Prairie Systems (COMPS) experiment, which is a field experiment that began in 2014.  The overarching research objective of this experiment is to determine how two factors, the timing of disturbance and plant functional group identity, interact to affect biomass production, plant community composition, and exotic species invasion in managed tallgrass prairie systems.  Research on the COMPS experiment will include aboveground and belowground plant dynamics.

Funding for the position will be through a combination of graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships.

Interested applicants should e-mail me ( with any questions and the following information:

*         a CV or resume with GPA and GRE scores and

*         a brief statement of research experience, research interests, and career goals.

Meghann Jarchow

Assistant Professor

Sustainability Program Coordinator

Department of Biology

University of South Dakota