Field Assistant: Plague and small mammals

Field assistant for research plague and small mammals

Agency: Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Idaho

Salary: $1,160 – $1,440 per month depending on experience

Job Category: Temporary/Seasonal Positions

Dates of Employment: 1 May 2017 =96 15 July 2017

Location: Council, Idaho

Last Date to Apply: 12 April 2017

Job Description:

The northern Idaho ground squirrel (Urocitellus brunneus) is federally threatened under ESA. We are using field experiments to assess the presence and effects that plague may have on northern Idaho ground squirrel populations and other small mammals associated with them. We capture and mark small mammals using PIT tags and ear tags from May through July.  We compare demographic parameters among treatments, including capture-recapture analyses to assess population attributes (e.g., survival rates).  We anesthetize small mammals (Columbian ground squirrels, northern Idaho ground squirrels, chipmunks, and mice) to collect fleas (a plague vector).=20

Field assistants will devote the majority of their time to trapping chipmunks and mice using Sherman traps.  We will vaccinate these animals to evaluate the presence of plague.  Field assistants may also assist other crews with: 1) ground squirrel trapping, 2) telemetry, 3) flea removal, and 4) other field duties.

Housing will be provided for the applicant during the field season.=20 Field housing may be rustic.  Housing may be a camp trailer, a cabin, or a wall tent.  Applicants must be willing to live for 3 months without daily phone and email access.  Field work will include various types of weather conditions (rain, snow, and heat), long hours, odd schedules, and physical work.  We will provide a vehicle for work to transport technicians between housing and the field sites.

Skills you will acquire:

=95 Trapping, handling, and processing small mammals (northern Idaho ground squirrels,=20=20=20    Columbian ground squirrels, chipmunks, and mice)

=95 Use of anesthesia in the field =95 Experience working with a listed species

Minimum Qualifications

=95=09Education:  B.S. degree in Natural Resources, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, or related field

=95=09At least 1 field season of prior outdoor field work (wildlife or plants) in a job setting =95=09Excellent skills in time and data organization/management

=95=09Demonstrated oral and written communication skills

=95=09Demonstrated ability to work independently =95=09Must be available for employment from 5 April of 2017 through 12 August 2017

=95=09Must be a US citizen or have a valid US green card to apply

Desirable Qualifications

=95=09Experience trapping and handling small mammals

=95=09Must be self-motivated

=95=09Experience living/camping in remote locations for extended periods

**Employment may be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background and/or driving investigation.**

How to apply:

Apply by sending a cover letter, CV, copy of college transcripts (unofficial are ok), and the email and phone numbers for at least three references in one document (PDF or Word) to Amanda Goldberg (  Please write “vaccine” in the subject line.  We will review applications as they are received.=20

The job will remain open until 12 April 2017 or until the position is filled.