Summer Job: USGS biological science technician for annual brome research project

The USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Center is seeking biological science technicians for the 2017 summer field season of the Annual Brome Prescribed Fire project. The position begins approximately May 29, 2017 and will end approximately August 19, 2017.  The Annual Brome Prescribed Fire project is an experimental comparison of the effectiveness and costs of various treatments for controlling invasive annual brome grasses in northern mixed-grass prairie.

DUTY STATION:  Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs, SD.

DUTIES: The incumbent will perform a variety of tasks to gather and manage field data necessary to meet objectives of an invasive plant ecology research project in the northern Great Plains. The incumbent is assigned to the Center=E2=80=99s Black Hills station, with principal responsibility for collecting data related to cover, composition, and diversity of northern mixed-grass prairie vegetation. Specific study elements involved include measuring plant cover by species; recording species richness; and measuring litter depth and stem density. The incumbent works under the general supervision of a Principal Investigator, who outlines the objectives, responsibilities, and priorities to be met. The incumbent (1) navigates to data collection sites, (2) follows protocols in daily data collection, (3) cares for and maintains equipment, and (4) maintains data. The incumbent acts daily as a member of a field crew and performs correct use of field forms and techniques, organizes field equipment, confirms quality and accuracy of data, and alerts supervisor to procedural, technical, and logistical problems. The incumbent applies and adapts existing methods to accomplish project objectives. The incumbent works independently in most phases of duties and updates the supervisor occasionally to ensure coordination of all phases of the project. The supervisor and other Center staff are available to offer guidance, but the incumbent is responsible for the work. Completed work receives general review by the supervisor.

QUALIFICATIONS:  For the GG-4 level:  Beyond high school, 6 months field party experience OR 2 years sub-professional experience OR 1 year college study related to biology.

HOW TO APPLY:  By 5:00 p.m. CDT on March 24, 2017, submit a cover letter stating that you are applying for the position in announcement number NPWRC-2017-08, a resume, and (if applicable) transcripts via email or fax following the directions at