Recreation Internship

Agency: United States Bureau of Land Management

Location: Rawlins, WY

Start Date: Mid to Late April 2017

Application Closing Date: Friday, March 26, 2017

Internship duration: 5 months

To apply:

Position Reference Code (must be included when applying): WYREC2017

We are looking for a highly qualified individual for a 5-month internship with the Conservation and Land Management (CLM) Internship Program.

The intern will serve as a developmental trainee Outdoor Recreation Planner for one or more specifically assigned outdoor recreation programs (e.g. Wilderness, National Conservation Lands, Off-Highway Vehicles, Visitor Services, Visual Resources, Travel, Transportation, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Accessibility) in the Rawlins, WY Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Office. The intern will be primarily responsible for carrying out limited planning projects and assignments that involve the application of basic principles, concepts, and methods of outdoor recreation planning. Specifically the intern will be responsible for campground inspections & fee collection, maintaining recreation sites, and answering visitor=92s questions through in-person interaction. The intern will receive detailed guidance on specific tasks, as well as training covering critical aspects of each assignment. In some cases, the position may complete segments of an assignment or project of broader scope. The position will provide the intern the opportunity to learn about the implementation of all existing regulations, policies, and directives, as well as with BLM Washington Office (WO) program direction.

Work can be in remote areas in rough terrain for extended periods of time and experience operating 4×4 vehicles is required. Southern Wyoming frequently receives extended periods of high winds and temperatures can change quickly between extreme heat and cold. Individual should have experience in communicating with the public in a customer service setting.


This position requires a bachelor=92s degree in natural resources management, biology, or related fields with experience in recreation. The selected intern will have to be able to work successfully as an individual or as part of a team. Good communication, equipment, and computer skills will be a necessary and important part of the job. The intern should have experience using handheld GPS devices, and have basic map reading skills. Other experience should include the use hand tools and some basic power tools.

**Please note that you MUST include the Position Reference Code, WYREC2017, when you complete the online application.