Summer Lab/Field Technician Positions (Ohio)

The Gardiner Lab in the Department of Entomology at The Ohio State  University is looking to hire several lab/field technicians for the  coming field season. We are a landscape ecology lab based in Wooster, OH  but we primarily conduct our research in the urban ecosystem of  Cleveland, OH. Our NSF-funded research focuses on designing sustainable  urban green spaces that are both cost-effective and better for the  environment.

As one of our undergraduate researchers, you will gain both field and  lab experience.

In the field, you might help establish experimental plots, set up insect  traps, collect plant or insect samples, or maintain plots. Back at the  laboratory, you might prepare equipment for different field work  experiments, sort through samples and look for spiders or beetles, pin  insect specimens, or help rear native bee larvae. We work hard, rain or  shine, to collect our samples and are looking for undergraduates who can  work effectively in outdoor settings, maintain positive attitudes, and  who are detail orientated. A valid driver=E2=80=99s license is required.

At the end of your summer at the Gardiner Lab you can expect to gain:

-An increased knowledge of Ohio=E2=80=99s diverse insect and plant  communities

-Skills in collecting unique arthropods including spiders, long legged  flies, and bees

-A resume-building research experience and potential letters of  recommendation for future jobs

Pay: $9.50/Hour (up to 38 hours/week)

Location: Wooster, OH @ OARDC

Timing: mid-May to mid-August, 2017

Email Chris Riley at <> for  more information or to submit your completed application! Applications  Due March 20th! For best consideration please submit prior to this  deadline but we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis after  the due date.