Ph.D. Assistantships

The Global Change Ecology Group at the University of Alabama has several  exciting opportunities available for students to pursue a Ph.D. degree in plant physiological ec ology and terrestrial/atmospheric interactions. We seek highly motivated graduates  students to work on one of four active research areas:=20 1)=09Water Use Efficiency of Cellulose based Biofuels

2)=09Climate and water management effects on the carbon, water and energy  dynamics Everglades=20=20 Ecosystems

3)=09Synthesis of eddy covariance data across regions of the southeastern  United States. 4)=09Urban Forestry

Interested students should apply for the Ph.D. program within the Departm ent of Biological Sciences. The student’s research interests should focus on plant ecophysiology, eco system physiology, or plant ecology. To be eligible for positions, interested students must meet the  graduate admission requirements of the University of Alabama and have competitive GPA and GR E scores.  Applicants interested in ecophysiology should have a strong understanding of eddy co variance techniques. In addition, applicants should have strong analytical and quantitative skill s and knowledge of SAS and/or R programming. Applicants with previous research experiences and/or a Maste rs degree in biogeochemistry, ecophysiology, forestry, or atmospheric sciences would b e favored for the position. Support is by research and/or teaching assistantships with summer funding  opportunities (Dependent on the area of research interest).=20 Interested students should send a copy of their CV, statement of research  interest, scientific writing sample and unofficial copy of transcripts.  For more details, contact Drs . Gregory Starr or Christina Staudhammer ( or 205-348-0556 / or 205-3 48-0556).