12 Month Research Internship 2017

Are you interested in gaining field research experience and learning about the
ecology and evolution of plants and plant-animal interactions in fragmented
prairie? The Echinacea Project is offering several year-long research
internships for graduates and soon-to-be graduates. This is a great
opportunity for individuals who are considering graduate studies and are
interested in gaining research experience. We have diverse potential
projects for students with backgrounds or interests in plant ecology,
pollination biology, evolution, statistics, conservation, and computer
science. In the past, interns have completed projects on a variety of
topics including pollination biology, prairie restoration, and
plant-herbivore interactions. In the summer, you will survey natural plant
populations, measure plant traits in experimental plots, hand-pollinate
plants, observe & collect insects, and assist in all aspects of research.
Summer housing in Minnesota (June – September) is provided and there is a
stipend. During the academic year (October – May 2018), interns will
develop independent research projects, gain quantitative and data
management skills, and coordinate citizen scientists in our lab, which is
based at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

No experience is necessary, but you must be enthusiastic and
hard-working. Attention
to detail, a good sense of humor, and a positive attitude are
essential. Applicants
must be available to begin in Minnesota in early to mid-June. We welcome
and encourage scientists of all backgrounds, particularly those
underrepresented in science, to apply to work with us!

Information about our offerings for the 2017-2018 year are here:

Review of applications for year-long positions will begin on March 2nd.
Applications for summer REU positions are due on February 23rd.

The team and I are happy to answer any further questions.