Job: MichiganStateU.GeneticsAdapationTechnician

The Lowry Lab at Michigan State University is currently seeking to hire a
field research technician. The technician will be hired through the
University of Texas, but be stationed at the Kellogg Biological Station in
Hickory Corners, MI. The research will be focused on a large collaborative
project studying adaptation in the bioenergy feedstock switchgrass. The
research will utilize new genetic mapping populations to identify genomic
regions responsible for adaptation between northern upland and southern
lowland ecotypes of switchgrass. These mapping populations have been
planted at an unprecedented geographical scale, spanning ten common garden
field sites distributed over 17 degrees of latitude, making them ideal for
studies of regional adaptations. The technician will be primarily
responsible for maintaining and gathering data from the switchgrass common
garden located at MSU’s Kellogg Biological Station (KBS). The technician
will also work in the laboratory of David Lowry on MSU’s main campus,
especially during winter months. The research will often involve all-day
physical activity outdoors. The technician will be expected to organize
data collection efforts and coordinate these efforts with the larger team
across the central United States. Applications for the position can be made
through the following link: