Hiring Summer 2024 Field Assistants – UW Madison

Summer 2024 Field Research Assistant – Pollination Ecology

The Crall Lab in the Department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is hiring two full-time (40 hr/wk, starting at $16/hr) field assistants for summer 2024 (starting in May). Field assistants will work on two research projects investigating pollination in cranberry and cucumber agriculture. Both projects will utilize camera traps developed by the Crall lab to monitor bee visitors to flowers and evaluate pollination services by quantifying pollen deposition or measuring fruit and seed set. No prior field or research experience is required.

Day-to-day responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:

Drive to field sites (both around Madison and in Central WI ~2 hours North of Madison)

Set up and maintain pollinator camera traps

Observe pollinators visiting flowers and identify them to morphospecies

Organize and enter data into spreadsheets

Conduct single pollinator visits to flowers

Dye and count pollen grains

Assess fruit and seed set

Feeding and care for bumblebees


Valid US driver’s license and ability to gain driver authorization from UW Risk Management (details here )

Strong attention to detail and organizational skills and the ability to stay focused on repetitive or tedious tasks

Coursework or interest in ecology, biology, entomology, or related fields

Ability to work independently and in teams

Ability to work outside in summer heat and humidity, occasionally for long days

Please note: we do not provide housing.

To apply, email your CV to Olivia Bernauer at ombernauer@wisc.edu  with Summer 2024 Field Assistant as the subject line. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting April 1 and the job will remain open until the positions are filled.