Graduate Position: UWyoming.AvianAdaptation

I am recruiting a graduate student to join my lab at the University of Wyoming in Fall 2024. Students interested in pursuing either a MS or PhD are encouraged to get in contact with me.While students in my lab have the flexibility to design projects tailored to their individual interests, projects are expected to focus on questions related to speciation and adaptation in North American birds. Much of our work uses avian hybrid zones as models for understanding the processes important in generating and maintaining reproductive isolation between closely related species and students with similar interests are particularly encouraged to contact me. All of our work involves the collection or use of museum specimens. Please visit for more information on recent research efforts.Students will be supported through a mix of Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Curatorial Assistantships, which include a stipend, tuition and fees and health insurance. Please contact me with specific questions about both the types and levels of support.With a population of ~31,000, Laramie is a small college town, situated in a high plain between the Snowy Range (~30 miles west) and the Laramie Range (~7 miles east) in Southeastern Wyoming. It is a little over one hour north of Fort Collins, Colorado and ~2.5 hours from Denver. For better or worse, it was recently profiled in Outside Magazine as the Most Affordable Mountain Town in the West.In my lab, I value curiosity driven research and aim to support students motivated by basic research questions. Other desired qualifications include a background in evolutionary biology, field experience, preferably with birds, and scientific writing skills. In addition, while past experience with natural history museums is not a specific requirement, a strong desire to contribute to the University of Wyoming Museum of Vertebrates ( is needed. My lab also aims to be an inclusive space that welcomes diversity and seeks to broaden access to and participation in evolutionary biology and ornithology. All interested students, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, disability, and past experiences are encouraged to apply.To apply, please send a cover letter, current cv, and names and contact information for 3 references to In your cover letter, please include some questions that excite you and information about your past relevant experiences and motivation for pursuing a graduate degree. If you have any questions about the opportunity, the University of Wyoming, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me. While applications may be submitted at anytime, final review will begin 8 December 2023.Matt Carling, PhDDepartment of Zoology & PhysiologyBerry Biodiversity Conservation CenterUniversity of Wyoming