Graduate position: UPittsburgh.ExpEvolutionPollution

PhD opportunity in Evolutionary EcologyThe Turcotte Lab of Experimental Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Pittsburgh is looking for a PhD student interested in studying rapid evolution in response to environmental pollution using experimental evolution. The research would utilize our rapid and manipulatable duckweed system allowing for a combination of field, mesocosm, and lab experiments.Please visit the lab webpage for more information: Department of Biological Sciences is a dynamic and growing team of enthusiastic researchers and educators. The department also runs the Pymatuning Lab of Ecology, which is equipped with lab space and housing to facilitate field-based research in northwestern Pennsylvania. The City of Pittsburgh is a vibrant and beautiful place to live.  All graduate students in the department are provided with a competitive stipend and benefits for 5 years through a combination of fellowships, TAships, and research assistantships.Prospective students should email me at: with ashort paragraph stating why you are interested in the lab and describe your past research experience. Please include your C.V., any publications, and contact information for a few references.Martin Turcotte, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences University of Pittsburgh