endangered Butterfly Technicians- Fort Bragg, NC

The Haddad Lab, Michigan State University, is hiring four field technicians for research in North Carolina on the St. Francis satyr butterfly in the summer of 2023. The St. Francis satyr is a federally endangered butterfly that is found only on the Ft. Bragg Army Installation in North Carolina. It is restricted to disturbance-dependent wetlands. Work will include daily monitoring of adult butterflies during flight periods, maintenance of restored habitat, captive-rearing, and breeding of individuals from eggs to adults, vegetation surveys, and assistance with studies on butterfly behavior and plant demography. Technicians will start May 15 and end August 16, with start and end dates somewhat flexible. Field housing is currently being identified by the supervisor and costs will be shared among the technicians. Hourly pay will be dependent on experience.

Applicants must have or be working toward a bachelor’s degree in biology, fisheries and wildlife, or a related field. They must also be comfortable working long hours outdoors in extreme heat and high humidity and be willing to tolerate biting insects and the presence of venomous snakes. Candidates with previous field work experience will be especially favorably received.

Applications must be submitted through the MSU job board:


Questions can be emailed to David Pavlik, pavlikd@msu.edu